Turn your attention inwards. Feel the cool inhale and warm exhale at it travels passed your nostrils.  Notice how this feels. Send this awareness passed the superficial, on a journey down through the shushumna nadi (central channel of prana, energy) to the base of your spine. There is a serpent of coiled energy sleeping there. … More YOU ARE LIMITLESS

What is AcroYoga?

Hi Yogis, I recently wrote a guest Blog post for the amazing duo, Eatable. Their Blog takes you on an adventure of healthy eating, yoga, wellness and loving life. Their passion to inspire healthy living as as beautiful as they are. Check out their Blog Eatable and my guest post about AcroYoga.   I have reposted it … More What is AcroYoga?

The Modern Yogi’s Guide to Building a Self Practice

After a decade of practicing yoga and 2 teacher trainings I recently began to cultivate a home yoga practice. I am living proof that someone can have all the passion and tools to practice on their own yet still struggle to find the motivation to cultivate a committed self-practice. Establishing a home practice is a … More The Modern Yogi’s Guide to Building a Self Practice

Stress Less

Centuries ago, human beings did not rely on social media to dictate their actions. Believe it or not they used something called instinct. Our nervous system was programmed to stimulate our body to react to potential physical threats, commonly referred to as the ‘fight or flight’ response. This response is the excitation of the sympathetic nervous system which is responsible for … More Stress Less